About Champion Cheer & Dance

Champion Cheer & Dance is not only one of the most recognizable names in cheerleading and dance competitions, Champion Cheer & Dance is a Legacy with in the cheerleading and dance community, being passed down from coach to coach through the teaching of what founder Cathy Buckey originated and established over a quarter of a century ago. The legacy continues to be shared and passed on with each competition and of course through Champions very own Champion Cup.

Cathy Buckey Founder, Owner, and President of Champion Cheer & Dance started her cheerleading and dance legacy as Champion Cheerleading Camps, Inc. in 1979. After closing the camp chapter in Champions life, Champion Cheer & Dance dove head first into providing the absolute best Championships and Nationals in the industry.
Champion Cheer & Dance provides:

• The Best Awards and Trophies…and Medals…and Banners…and…..!!!
• The Best Professional Judges
• Affordable Prices
• Competitions Run On Time
• Early Registration
• Cash Prizes
• The Champion Cup!!!
• A Piece Of History!